Promoting a rich and intellectually oriented public discourse in Israel, Hashiloach serves as the foremost platform for exceptional long form conservative writing.

In 1896 Ahad Ha’am, one of the founding figures of Zionism established the first Hebrew language journal of ideas in modern era, named Hashiloach. This publication would go on to serve as the epicentre of intellectual discourse, playing a crucial role in shaping the ideological groundwork for the future state of Israel. Regrettably, this iteration of Hashiloach ceased publication in 1926.

Reviving the legacy after a 90-year hiatus, the Herut center proudly presents the new Hashiloach: Israel’s Premier Publication for Influential Conservative Writing. Igniting intellectual curiosity and shaping Jewish and Zionist thought, Hashiloach emerges as a beacon of thought-provoking discourse.

Boasting over 350 high-caliber writers, thousands of dedicated print readers, and a monthly website readership reaching tens of thousands, Hashiloach aims to cement itself as the premier stage for intellectual conservative thought.

At this time, when the state of Israel is on war-footing, the role of compelling ideas that offer insight and initiative are critical for leaders and laypeople alike. Hashiloach Frontlines is bringing the foremost minds to bear on current circumstances and their significance and impact on the future of the Jewish state.